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Substance Abuse

Substance use disorders occur when the recurrent use of alcohol and/or drugs causes clinically significant impairment, including health problems, family problems, legal problems, work problems and relationship problems.

Criteria for substance abuse disorders:

  • Taking the substance in larger amounts or longer than you intended
  • Wanting to cut down or stop using the substance but are not successful in these attempts
  • Spending a lot of time getting, using, or recovering from use of the substance
  • Cravings and urges to use the substance
  • Continuing to use the substance despite negative consequences

Therapy is an essential part of recovery from alcohol and/or drug abuse. Counseling can help modify attitudes and behaviors , as wells as ways of thinking. In therapy you will learn how to deal in a healthy way with challenging situations, triggers, and cravings Also important is to understand the many variables that can lead to abuse.

Those include:

  • Genetic predisopositio
  • Co-occuring disorders such as anxiety, depression, ptsd, bipolar disorder
  • Self-medication
  • Trauma , including mental, sexual, or physical abuse

A holistic approach takes into account not just working on the physical symptoms, but also the mental, spiritual, and social, with the understanding that they are all interconnected in the healing process.

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